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Texas Patent Attorney

Texas Patent Attorney

Whether you are a small business owner, leading a start-up company, or you are an inventor in Texas, you may have a need for patent protection and filing services. Patents provide security for your products and can have intrinsic value to your business. Our patent attorneys at Beard, St. Clair, Gaffeny work to emphasize and maximize the value these patents have by helping you construct a seamless application to ensure its uniqueness. When expertly drafted, your patent application will serve as the first step in getting your invention secured to the point that others cannot make or sell your product once it has been approved. Our Texas patent attorneys have the technical experience and education that is needed to formulate and execute successful patent strategies for you and your business.

The Job of a Patent Attorney

In order to secure the rights to your unique product exclusively, you will need to obtain a patent. The job of a patent attorney is to work in conjunction with companies to prosecute and file various patent applications. These applications serve as a protection to your invention and a good attorney will help you draft and negotiate your application, as well as capitalize on the value of your patent. Aside from professionally drafting your patent application, patent attorneys can also assist you throughout the duration of your patent grant. They can assist you in matter such as:

Communicating With the Patent Office – While your application is in review, patent examiners will be going through your application and will most likely be disputing aspects of it. There is often continual communication between the examiners and the party hoping to receive a patent. This part of the process is often overwhelming and can be very time consuming. On your behalf, your attorney has the knowledge and training in patent law to be able to effectively dispute and navigate the system and examiners.

Providing Business Counsel and Advice – Due to the experience that these attorneys have, they are able to provide professional business counsel and advice to you during this process and even afterwards. They will be able to guide you on how to maximize your invention and strengthen your patent. They will also be able to answer regarding the next steps you will want to take after you have received your patent.

Defending Your Patent – Even after your patent has been received, there are still people who will try to get around your patent or even just copy it. This is called infringement and your patent attorney is there to protect against it. They will have the means to file lawsuits in order to enforce and protect your patent.

The Benefit to Having an Attorney

Having a patent attorney on your side can help you successfully patent your invention. Their speciality falls within understanding the United States patent laws and being able to negotiate patent terms due to their extensive understanding of these processes. There are many speed bumps that may occur when the examiners get a hold of your application, but an attorney will be able to work with them and see your patent through to the end. An attorney will be able to identify the best patent to protect your product and help that patent to be recognized around the world. The legal advice that your attorney will give you will help you to make smart business decisions that can help ensure business success and longevity when it comes to your patent. Due to the complex nature of patent applications, a patent attorney will also save you time and hassle as they negotiate on your behalf. You will not need to focus on the complexities of patent law with these attorneys beside you. You will be under the care of professionals who have the experience and training with these laws to create the best possible outcome for you while you focus on your business, products, and services.

Finding the Right Fit For You

When looking into a patent attorney that will be a good fit for your needs, look for those who will know how to increase the value of your patent. You want someone who has your best business interests at heart. If you are going through the effort of getting something patented and finding an attorney to help you be successful, you will want them to have your best interests in mind. They will need to understand how to best increase the business value of your patent to help maximize and secure your business’s interests. Along with understanding and maximizing your patent, look for an attorney who has essential qualities like:

  • Great attention to detail
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in simple terms
  • Can be available weekends and evenings
  • Has good analytical and communication skills
  • Can work independently efficiently

Did You Know – Patent Statistics in Texas

The state of Texas had the most state patent filings in the United States for over 22 years! Over 20% of the U.S. patents were filed in Texas during that time. The University of Texas, in 2020, also received over 200 utility patents which made them number 4 in the world for receiving the most United States patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Texas also sees some of the highest amount of infringement and litigation cases, keeping the Texas patent attorneys busy and full of high quality experiences to provide the best well-rounded services for you!

Choose Professional and Experienced Patent Attorneys

At Beard, St. Clair, Gaffney, we have over four decades of patent and trademark law experience. We can serve companies of all sizes all throughout the Intermountain West and are effective in helping our clients obtain and protect their patents. Let us help you through some of the more complex legal challenges that arise when filing for a patent. We can help you get started on taking the necessary steps that will help to protect your products through proper and complete patent filing. Contact us to partner with our experienced team today!

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