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Pocatello Litigation Attorney

Pocatello Litigation Attorney In the legal world, attorneys and lawyers have many different roles within these processes that they specialize in. One of these specialties

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The Business of the BBB

Lawyers get things done. A truism apparently learned by my 10-year-old son. During a recent recess at school he used such knowledge in his negotiations

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The Appeal of Zeal

Letterman or Leno? That was the assignment handed out in my freshman year college English course. I was to debate which late-night talk show host

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Embracing Litigation

I sue people. In a conservative place like Idaho that job description could cause me to feel like an outcast. Ralph, from the animated movie

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Lawsuit Avoidance

According to John Davenport, M.D., J.D., Chair of the family medicine department and an attorney and risk manager at Kaiser Permanente Orange County in Irvine,

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Creating Valid Liens

Lean on me When you’re not strong And I’ll be your friend I’ll help you carry on… – Bill Withers 1972 Leaning on a friend

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