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Nevada Patent Attorney

Nevada Patent Attorney

In the immense world of business and inventions, there are many contenders that make this a fierce competition. When coming up with new ideas or looking to display new products, it is important to legally secure your original thoughts so they cannot be stolen and duplicated. This competitive business market sees hundreds of thousands of patents every year! While anyone can file for a patent, in this intense market, you can greatly benefit from having a Nevada patent attorney guide you through these complex procedures and navigate through the thousands of patents that have already been filed.

Benefits of the Right Attorney

The most difficult part of filing for a new patent is proving the originality and authenticity of your idea or inventions. The right patent attorney, who is knowledgeable about your area and processes, will help to navigate you through the competition to distinguish your patent from all the others. This is a complex and time-consuming process, but an expert patent attorney can help expedite this process to save you a lot of time. Along with being able to assist you with determining your eligibility for a patent of your idea, patent attorneys can also assist with:

  • Deciding on the appropriate patent category your idea should be filed under (i.e., utility, design, plant patent)
  • Going through the several step process to file the patent under the appropriate protection plan for your particular case
  • Having the legal qualifications to represent you if anything tries to infringe on your patent rights

Where to File for a Patent

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is where you want to go to file for a new patent with your attorney. In the infamous “Sin City”, this state holds their USPTO on the first floor of the Lied Library in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is also another location of a Patent and Trademark center, and it is on the third floor of the Wiener-Rogers Law Library in the William S. Boyd School of Law in Las Vegas. The last location is in Reno, Nevada. The USPTO in Reno is located at the DeLaMare Science & Engineering Library at the University of Nevada. Any one of these three locations will be the place to go to start on the patent filing journey if you are in Nevada.

Application Processes

Every state has similar qualifications and procedures that you need to go through in order to get your patent licensed properly, but you need to make sure to check with your state’s USPTO office and website to ensure you are following the application steps correctly. Your patent application will need to include a request, a description, a claim, an illustration of your design and an abstract. A patent attorney will know and understand the application process very well so you can know you are filling out everything correctly.

Why Having a Patent is Important

There are a few important reasons why one should file for a patent. Patents protect intellectual property – with a legally recognized patent in hand, no one can make the same product and sell it. This gives the patent owner exclusive rights to produce the product and be able to sell it at a higher cost when it belongs to them through a legal patent. Having a patent gives your idea, invention, and business a better chance at surviving and giving you a better edge to go against your competitors at a higher price. When you file for a patent and it is approved, that patent is also recognized for 20 years universally! This gives your idea the legal protection, and credit to you, for a long time and until you decide to refile at the end of the 20-year period. These patents offer safety, security, and legal protection for your products and future business. That is also why it is imperative to be well-represented, by a patent attorney, to ensure all these procedures are done correctly and you are gaining the most legal benefits you can from this endeavor.

Finding the Best Attorney for You

An error in the patent filing process could cost you a lot of time and effort if it is denied. For these processes, you will want to choose the most qualified attorney that can accommodate your budget and your needs. Some attributes that you will want to look for in a patent attorney include:

Qualified educational background: Knowledge of Nevada’s states laws, as well federal legal knowledge, is extremely beneficial as patents are a part of federal law.

Experience in Filing: Due to the competitive nature of patents, it is important to find an attorney who has experience in the patent filing process so they can help file and distinguish your patent from others so that it is approved.

Licensed Patent Attorney: While patent agents can help you to file for a patent, a licensed attorney has passed the USPTO patent bar exam and is more qualified and knowledgeable to handle your patent filing processes. They also have the legal standings to assist you if there are any legal issues with the patent licensing in the future.

These patent attorneys are well-versed in business law which will also be extremely helpful when dealing with the legal processes of filing for a patent. Making sure you find the best attorney for you that fits your specific circumstances, and is properly qualified, will help to maximize this experience for you and your patent in the long run.

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