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Dallas Patent Attorney

Dallas Patent Attorney

One of the most valuable things you can do for your invention that you or your business creates is to get it patented. Protecting the rights to your products or your specific processes gives only you the authorization to use what your business has created. A patent offers the security you will want for your products and will give you the exclusive rights to your invention. In order to secure and protect these rights, you will need to go through the processes of legally registering your patent. The patent attorney’s at the law firm Beard, St. Clair, Gaffney offers many legal services and has the extensive experience to effectively take you through the processes of patenting your hard-earned work. If you are in the Dallas, Texas area and are needing assistance with the official registration of your patent, and want to ensure that everything will be done to the fullest legal extent it can be, you may want to consider a Dallas patent attorney.

Understanding What a Patent Attorney Does

The main objective of a patent attorney is to effectively prepare an official patent application and make sure that it is filed correctly with the court systems. If there are ever any legal patent issues, a patent attorney is also able to represent you in a court setting to defend your patent as well. Some of the issues that could arise that you would like legal representation for when it comes to your patent could be situations such as:

  • Licensing debates
  • Infringement
  • Re-examination policies


Patent attorneys also have to go through extensive training and licensing requirements in order to be in the position to successfully assist you through complex processes. This training allows them to understand the ins and outs of the laws surrounding the registering of patents in their respective states, as well as on a federal level. They also will have extensive knowledge surrounding the knowledge of individuals’ inventions in order to properly understand how to effectively patent them.

Offers Legal Advice

With their knowledge of the nuances in patent laws and regulations, a Dallas patent attorney can offer you helpful legal advice on these processes. Patent applications and filing systems are a niche area that many people do not fully understand. These attorneys have been studying all the avenues in order to help ensure you are filing for exactly what you need to be filing for. The right patent will help to make sure that your invention is protected in the right way, depending on what it is, where you will use it, and what it does.

Files Your Patent Correctly

This legal advice and their understanding of the filing process will also aid in ensuring that your patent is filed the right way. This helps your application have a better chance of not getting denied, which will help you to save time and money in the long run. If your patent is filed incorrectly, it can get denied and the whole patent could end up getting rejected. Getting a patent attorney will help to organize your application so that it is legal sound to give your patent the best shot in the shortest amount of time.

Can Draft Your Licencing Agreements

After your patent application and registration has successfully gone through, you may choose to go through the process of getting your patent licensed as well. Drafting your licensing agreements through a patent attorney is the best way to make sure all your patent rights are being protected while maximizing your licensing benefits.

Communication on Your Behalf

Something that can bring so much peace of mind is knowing that your patent attorney can be your link of communication to the patent office. On average, it can take around twenty two months for your application to be accepted and filed and for the entire registration process to be complete. During this time, there can be instances in which there is more information needed or clarification that needs to be done throughout the process. A major benefit to having a Dallas patent attorney on your side is that they will be the go between in getting the patent office the information they need. They can provide any clarification that is necessary so that you do not have to be constantly in communication with them. Your patent attorney will have the skills and knowledge to negotiate the patent on your behalf to maximize your protection and benefits.

Patent Attorneys Provide Invaluable Support

What can make a patent attorney an invaluable asset to you on your journey to file a patent is their attention and focus to the details surrounding patent law. These attorneys provide specific knowledge pertaining to the patent that you want applied for and registered but they are also well-versed in other aspects of the law. Not only will they have the understanding of patent law but they are also familiar with business law and commercial law. If you run into any other legal issues with your patent that involve the business law side, a patent attorney can aid you in those legal categories. This professional aid will enable you to have the support that you need to be successful in the various aspects and challenges of having your patent approved, protected, and defended throughout its entirety.

The Attorneys at Beard, St. Clair, Gaffney

For over forty years, the attorneys at Beard, St. Clair, Gaffney has been providing quality legal services throughout the Intermountain West. We have experience with patent application and patent registration cases in many different states with a deep knowledge of the specific various laws regarding state and federal patents. Our team is proud to serve the Dallas area and loves the opportunity to successfully walk clients through these processes. We are able to add our experience and legal advice to any situation that you have. Understanding your invention and products in order to secure you the right patent is something we are passionate about. We strive to provide a deep understanding of your needs and expectations and will work hard to meet your goals. Choose Beard, St. Clair, Gaffney as your strategic legal partner for all your patent needs by contacting us today.

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