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How to File a Patent in Idaho

As the development of technology increases, there are many new opportunities for inventors to create products that will continue to help quality of life improve. It is important to make sure that inventors can protect their products from being copied or even stolen from others. One way to ensure that your invention will be protected is through filing a patent. Our patent attorneys are here to help you through the whole patent application process so that your intellectual property can stay protected.

What is a Patent?

A patent is a governmental right that is granted to an inventor for their idea or invention. It protects the invention or idea from being stolen or used by another person. The rights that are included in the patent can be enforced if another person or company infringes on them. The intent of the patent is not necessarily to reward the inventor for all of their contributions, but rather to give society access to new ideas.

When should I get a Patent?

If you have a great idea for an invention, then you should consider getting a patent. Patents are given on a first to file basis, rather than a first to invent. If you have an idea of something that you would want to invent, then it is important to file for a patent, so that your invention will be protected. The sooner that you file for a patent for your invention, the more time you will have to refine and to continually improve upon your product without the worry of someone else stealing your idea.

How to File a Patent

Filing a patent may seem like a big undertaking. However, our patent attorneys will help you throughout the whole application process. These are the steps that will need to be taken in order to get a patent for your products in Idaho.

Search the United States Patent and Trademark Office

When you decide to get a patent, it is important to search the USPTO to make sure that your idea has not already been patented. It would be unfortunate to have invested a lot of your time into the application process just to find out that your idea has already been claimed. This step could alleviate future headaches and problems.

File a Provisional Patent Application

Before filing a provisional patent application, it is important to also determine the type of patent that you will need. There are three types of patents. They are called utility, design or plant patents. It is important to decide which one will best suit your needs and protect your property.

If you decide a utility patent is necessary to protect your patent, then you have the option to file a provisional patent application. This will help protect your idea so that if someone decides to later claim that they had your idea before you did. Patents are first to file, and not first to invent. So, if you are wanting to use your idea, it is important to make sure that you file it as soon as possible.

Collect Needed Documents for Application

After filing a provisional patent application, there may be additional details that will be needed for a complete, non-provisional patent application. These details will become part of the application and will be helpful in completing drawings. A non-provisional patent application includes an abstract, background, summary of your product, a detailed description, and claims. It is essential to make sure that you include the scope of your product so as to protect every feature of your invention. In addition, it is important to understand the level of detail that is needed to protect an invention. As such, discussing your invention with us is an essential step forward in obtaining a granted patent.

Complete and Review Your Patent Application

We can help you review your patent application. Typically, it can take anywhere from one year to three years for a patent application to be approved. We do not want it to be rejected due to a simple mistake, and then have to go through the whole process once again. We will make sure that everything is in order, and that the application is complete and meets all of the requirements that are needed to get your patent.

Submit Your Patent Application

There are a couple of different ways a patent application can be filed. It can usually be filed through the mail, through fax, or through the USPTO website. Typically speaking, filing through the USPTO website is the easiest way to get it submitted. However, any of these ways are effective in filing your application.

Work with us

Idaho patent attorneys are specialized in their practice. They are familiar with the ins and outs of what needs to be done to get your patent. Our attorneys will help you along the way and catch any common mistakes that could potentially delay the process of obtaining your patent, or even be costly in the long run.

Our patent attorneys want to help you protect your inventions. We serve as your strategic partner in doing all that you can to protect what is rightfully yours. Throughout all of our years of being in practice, we have gained valuable experience so that we can help you with your specific needs.

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Contact us today to get help with filing your patent. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

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