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Colorado Trademark Attorney

Colorado Trademark Attorney

If you are running a business, there is a good chance that you have invested time and resources in creating and registering certain trademarks. Having trademarks allows you to have exclusive legal rights to your business. This is a huge advantage and the reason why so many people invest in them. But, as with all things legally, there are some speed bumps that may happen along the way that interfere with what is going on in your business. Some discrepancies you may experience might be business agreements being undermined or laws being broken. Trademark attorneys can help to protect your company from these discrepancies and help to protect your business trademarks.

Trademark Processes in Colorado

It is important to be aware that every state has their own requirements and registration processes for obtaining a trademark. Checking the state’s official trademark office website is often the first step in understanding the individual state rules and regulations associated with registering a trademark. Then you can start the process of applying through the United States Patent and Trademark office.

In the beautiful state of Colorado, the United States Patent and Trademark office is located in the federal government office building in downtown Denver. This office not only services the Denver area, but is the Rocky Mountain Regional office as well, and provides services to the surrounding states.

A brief overview of the steps leading to a trademark application include:

  • Gather essential information
  • Decide if your trademark is standard or special form
  • Create a thorough description of what you are trademarking

Some laws specific to the state of Colorado include how long a trademark is effective before it needs to be renewed. In this state, a trademark needs to be renewed every five years. There is also a specific timeline you need to be aware of in the renewal process. You will get 180 days before the expiration date to renew the trademark. If you do not renew it during that time, then the trademark will expire and it cannot be renewed. At that point you will be required to refile for a new trademark if you still wish to have one. Make sure to review the states’ full processes to have an understanding of the specific regulations found within certain states.

Looking to Get Something Trademarked?

The processes in each state for obtaining a trademark can be intense and confusing. With each state having its own regulations, it can be easy to get confused and difficult to understand exactly what the process is and how to do it correctly and efficiently. If you are unsure how to proceed in getting something trademarked, consider the Colorado trademark attorneys at Beard, St. Clair, Gaffney. These attorneys help to provide expert legal advice, along with their years of experience, to ensure that these meticulous processes are done correctly. If these processes are done wrong, the trademark legal offices will deny the requests and it will be costly and take a decent amount of effort trying to correct it and get it done right. The attorneys at Beard St. Clair are experts in the ways of trademark registration and processes. This will help ensure that you will be taken care of and aided through these legal hoops to get the security that your business needs. Contact us for access to legal insight and professional knowledge in navigating these complex waters to make sure that you and your business are doing it right.

Advantages to Registering Trademarks

By registering your trademarks, there are a certain amount of advantages that it provides to your company in helping your business to retain its legal security. Some of these benefits include:

  • Being able to use the federal trademark registration symbol. This mark can prevent other companies from using your specific trademark.
  • Able to bring up lawsuits in federal court regarding the trademark.
  • Proof that you have sole ownership over your trademark and evidence that it is registered to you.
  • A public display of your trademark registration in the United States Patent and Trademark database for other businesses to witness.

These advantages give you, as a business owner, some legal protections to your goods and services. The registration provides solid evidence and proof that will prove to be beneficial if any issues should arise under a court setting. It can provide validity throughout the nation and that is why it is important to have a professional team of attorneys at Beard, St. Clair, Gaffney to help you perfectly obtain these advantages through a registered trademark.

When to Contact a Trademark Attorney

Even when your business is in its infancy, hiring a trademark attorney can prove to be beneficial right off the bat. Helping to name your business can provide your attorney with valuable legal rights and tools. This can assist with securing your business and can be of further help if you ever deal with any legal discrepancies. These attorneys will give you and your company a better chance at receiving a powerful trademark and the security that comes with it. There are many legal decisions that come with this complex process and there are unnecessary errors that could be made if you attempt to do it by yourself. Hire a professional trademark attorney before you find yourself in any infringement cases and it can greatly reduce your chances of having any legal trouble to begin with.

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