Idaho’s Water Preferences

The West is a land of limitations. Mountains, deserts, rocks, soils and the arid climate all place limitations on farmers and ranchers. There are places where you can grow crops and places you simply can’t. A significant limitation on farmers and ranchers is imposed by water. Water is required for drinking and for domestic use. Water is required for livestock. … Read More

Attention Idaho Health Care Providers

You may or may not already be aware that the Idaho Legislature is currently considering House Bill 425, a proposed solution to a perceived problem with medical debt collection practices throughout the state. This bill, however well intentioned, has the potential to dramatically impact your ability to pursue legal remedies when patients refuse to pay their medical bills. In a … Read More

Important Consideration for Purchasing a Business

Among those who desire to own their own business, many attempt to build a company from scratch. That, however, is not the only available option. Purchasing a company that is already in existence is a valid alternative. If you are interested in potentially acquiring a business instead of starting one from the ground up, there are several vital questions to … Read More

Free Trade

Exports of agricultural products are a big part of Idaho’s economy.  In the most recent marketing year Idaho exports of potatoes and potato products totaled 1.4 billion dollars.  Other exports include things like dairy products, vegetables, and fruits.  Idaho also exports a significant amount of alfalfa hay. Agricultural exports are also important nationally.  Last year the United States exported $140 … Read More

Partnership / LLC Tax Rules

The IRS is in the business of collecting taxes.  Pursuant to new tax rules enacted  under Title XI of the Revenue Provisions Related to Tax Compliance of the Bipartisan Budget Agreement (“BBA”), the IRS will have an easier time auditing and collecting taxes from partnerships and limited liability companies beginning January 1, 2018. Limited liability companies (“LLCs”) that have elected … Read More


Farmers and ranchers are independent folks.  But when it comes to handling and marketing farm products it makes sense to work together.  The Capper-Volstead Act is federal law that allows agricultural producers to form cooperative associations and be immune from the application of antitrust laws. Antitrust laws are designed to prevent monopolies in the marketplace.  Competition is generally beneficial for … Read More

Commercial Space: Should You Lease or Buy?

The location of your small business is an important factor in whether it succeeds or fails. Accessibility to customers, vendors, and employees, proximity to competitors, and zoning restrictions are just a few of the factors you have likely considered. Once you have determined the best location for your business, the next question is whether to lease or buy your commercial … Read More

Six Steps for Forming an LLC

One of the first decisions to make when starting a business is what type of business entity to form. The limited liability company (LLC) is one of the most popular business structures because it offers a level of flexibility and legal protection that is attractive to many people who are starting their own businesses. The following six steps will help … Read More

What a Nuisance!

“What a nuisance!,” I overheard the woman say at the grocery store. “Farmer Johnson was out all night baling hay and making noise with his tractor.” I smiled knowing that Idaho law protects the right of a farmer to operate his farm without the threat of a nuisance lawsuit. Idaho’s Right to Farm Act states that agricultural operations are not … Read More

Public Warehouse

Before a person can lawfully operate a public warehouse in the State of Idaho he or she must first procure a license from the Idaho Department of Agriculture.  A public warehouse means any elevator, mill, warehouse, or other structure or facility  where agricultural commodities are received for storage, shipment, processing or handling.  An example would be your local elevator that … Read More