Will & Trust Planning

Discussing death and end-of-life issues is an unpleasant topic for most people. However, proper planning now can help avoid even more unpleasant decisions and pain in the future for you and your loved ones. An estate plan, either through the use of trusts or wills, can reduce costly estate taxes, protect your beneficiaries, avoid probate, protect your assets from unforeseen creditors, and provide financial stability for you, your surviving spouse, and future generations.

The planning process typically entails preparing a will, creating trusts, naming beneficiaries for insurance policies and retirement accounts, selecting guardians for minor children, and minimizing estate taxes.

Planning is even more important and complex for business owners. In addition to the process above, business owners will want to consider a business succession plan, life insurance, designating a power of attorney, and a buy-sell agreement. Without a plan in place, you’ll be jeopardizing the business your worked hard to build.

Our estate planning attorneys are committed to creating plans that achieve the goals of our clients. We have created plans for a wide variety of clients involving a wide variety of issues.