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Real Estate Transactions

Purchase and Sale

We will negotiate agreements for clients, consult with, and advise clients before they make or accept proposals for purchase or sale and draft necessary agreements to evidence the parties’ agreements. We will handle closings, if it appears to make economic sense to the client or is necessary because of the complexity of the closing.


We negotiate and draft short and long term leases of residential and commercial property for landlords and tenants. We enforce leases in court and defend claims of the parties in trial.


We are familiar with the Internal Revenue Code provisions relating to tax-deferred exchanges of property and advise clients relating to the advisability of tax-deferred exchanges rather than dealing with the tax consequences of a sale. We handle reverse exchanges and multi-party exchanges, simultaneous and exchanges with staggered closings. We frequently deal with third party escrow holders who facilitate exchanges and advise clients relating to the tax and non-tax matters relating to tax-deferred exchanges.


We draft rights of first refusal and options and enforce or defend the exercise of the rights related to those documents. We advise clients relating to option agreements and rights of first refusal.


We consult with owners and developers relating to easements of all sorts. We draft agreements to provide access and allow routing of utilities. We prosecute and defend claims of easements and related matters like enforcement of reimbursement claims for expenses necessary to maintain easement.

Owners Association

We represent developers in the creation of business entities to manage owners’ associations for development residential and commercial property. We advise owners’ associations relating to the rights and liabilities the association has to the owners and the property. We represent associations or claims against associations in trial.


We advise clients relating to financing options and the documents that relate to borrowing for real estate and business transactions. We draft notes, mortgages, security agreements, financing statements and will close loan transactions.

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