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Family Law Attorney

Beard St. Clair Gaffney offers aggressive, yet compassionate, family law services including divorce, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, child custody and support, international and domestic adoptions, termination of parental rights, spousal maintenance, property division, and modifications and enforcement. We routinely represent high net worth individuals and high conflict matters that involve complex legal and financial issues.

Divorce and other family-related legal matters can be overwhelming and fraught with tension. To most people, the legal system is cumbersome and intimidating. The attorneys at Beard St. Clair Gaffney understand this and are committed to guiding each client through all of the legal options and explaining how each decision throughout the process could impact their future and the future of their family. We take the complexity out and provide clarity during turbulent times. We protect our clients’ rights and help each to pursue what is just and in their best interest.

Our experienced family law attorneys are fully committed to offering each client:

  • personal attention
  • honest and straightforward advice
  • clear explanation of your legal options
  • clear and creative solutions
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