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Health Care Litigation

The healthcare industry is complex and ever-changing. Because of explosive growth and regulation uncertainty hospitals, physicians, managed care organizations and other industry players often find themselves involved in litigation. Disputes within the healthcare arena can involve a variety of issues including partner disputes, HIPAA violations, audits and appeals, antitrust actions, staff privileges and credentialing, unfair competition, bankruptcies, employment contracts, and even criminal investigations.

Because the legal issues within the healthcare industry are so vast, it is important to hire an attorney that specializes in healthcare. Our healthcare attorneys here at Beard St. Clair all have a detailed and specific understanding of the industry and are experienced enough to devise a legal strategy that is customized to your unique situation. Whether it be a lawsuit, arbitration, administrative hearing, audit, or investigation, we are known for our ability to effectively and efficiently protect our client’s interest. We are members of the American Health Lawyers Association and the Health Law Section of the Idaho State Bar.

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