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Elder Law

Elder LawElder law is a specialized area of estate planning tailored to the unique legal needs of older adults, special needs persons, and their loved ones. This practice area encompasses access to government benefits for health care and livings costs, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Veteran Pensions. Elder Law practitioners assist clients to plan for disability, long-term care, guardianship, and retirement. These issues require the expertise of an Elder Law attorney to ensure you meet your goals without unintended consequences.
We have a long history of high quality estate planning services and we understand the need to help our clients prepare for long-term care costs and other age- and disability-related issues. We are members of ElderCounsel and NAELA, both national organizations of Elder Law attorneys. We use advanced planning techniques to help our clients protect their assets and reorganize so they can afford long-term care in the environment of their choice, without spending everything they have built over their lives. We assist individuals who are planning for the future possibility of disability and those with an immediate need to qualify for state programs to pay for long-term care. We also help those who wish to provide for disabled loved ones without jeopardizing their loved ones’ government benefits.AttorneysJoseph D. FairbankLindsay M. LofgranMark L. Garner

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