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Construction Lawyer

Beard St. Clair Gaffney has represented numerous contractors, subdivisions and administrative agencies on construction issues including contracting and litigation. Representing “both sides of the aisle” gives our firm a unique understanding of the issues to be ironed out and the pitfalls that must be avoided on the front end to prevent undesirable litigation results.

On the contracting side, we are intimately familiar with both the AIA documents as well as the ACG Consensusdocs program. We have represented numerous contractors and subcontractors in negotiating commercial construction contracts. We have also guided governmental entities through the bidding and bonding statutes.

Our construction litigation experience includes representing contractors and governmental entities in litigation matters involving the bidding and bonding statutes, contract disputes, and bond foreclosure actions. In the private sector, we routinely represent contractors and subcontractors in commercial lien foreclosure actions.

The recent fallout from the housing and construction crisis has provided our attorneys with ample opportunity to assist governmental entities, homeowners associations, and individuals on issues involving tax liens, deed of trust foreclosures, FEMA flood plain issues, and revoked building permits. We have also advised our contracting clients on acceptance and accounting for payments originating from stimulus funds dedicated to public works projects.

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