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Construction Litigation

Beard St. Clair Gaffney has extensive experience representing a wide range of clients including contractors, subdivisions, and administrative agencies on various construction-related issues, from contracting to litigation. Our ability to represent both parties in disputes provides us with a comprehensive understanding of the potential complications and the crucial steps needed to mitigate litigation risks early on.

We have deep expertise with AIA documents and the ACG Consensusdocs program, routinely negotiating commercial construction contracts for contractors and subcontractors. Additionally, we have advised governmental entities on compliance with bidding and bonding regulations.

Our litigation experience in the construction sector includes handling cases for contractors and government bodies concerning bidding and bonding regulations, contract disagreements, and bond foreclosure proceedings. In the private sector, we regularly assist contractors and subcontractors with commercial lien foreclosures.

The recent challenges in the housing and construction sectors have also seen our attorneys support governmental bodies, homeowners associations, and individuals with issues such as tax liens, deed of trust foreclosures, FEMA floodplain concerns, and revoked building permits. Furthermore, we offer guidance to contracting clients on managing payments from stimulus funds aimed at public works projects.

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