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Capital Formation

It is important for the attorney’s work to match their client’s business objectives, needs, and tolerance for risks. We regularly assist clients in obtaining seed capital and other capital formation involving institutional and private lending, private placements, joint ventures, and research and development limited partnerships, and limited liability companies. Structuring capital formation transactions requires not only a thorough understanding of the myriad of federal and state (and international) laws and rules governing investment offerings, but also an appreciation for issuer and founders’ concerns such as valuation, maintaining enterprise control, and managing/mitigating dilution.

A well-drafted business plan is essential in capital formation and we can help you draft one that will ensure compliance with any requirements of venture capital investors. Sometimes the overall structure needs to include stocks, shares, bank accounts, employee policies, and management operations for the investors to act and commit to financing. Failure to have an attorney review your documents could have the potential for serious problems down the road, especially if you have any public offering in the event that you do not comply with all your state’s securities regulations. We are a team of knowledgeable, experienced, and networked attorneys for your capital formation needs.

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