Child labor laws

Much is required of my children. Especially in the summer when there is so much work to be done. My wife and I expect our children to help mow the lawn, do dishes, weed the garden, and clean the house. In addition, we expect them to work on the farm irrigating, feeding, fixing fence, and taking care of animals. Neighboring … Read More

Agister’s liens

I didn’t panic when my small herd of Black Angus cows mutinied and jumped the fence to join my neighbor’s much larger herd of cows. Instead, I called my neighbor and explained that because of my work schedule I couldn’t get my cows until Saturday. I asked if she would feed and care for my wayward animals, to which she … Read More

Is a crooked fence line the legal boundary line?

It was obvious as I looked down the fenceline that the fence was off. The surveyor had been out the day before and had used his instruments, accurate to within thousands of an inch, to survey the boundary between the two properties. The surveyor had placed his pin flags on the boundary described in the deeds to the adjoining properties. … Read More

What does it take to make ‘organic foods’ organic?

The Organic Trade Association’s 2012 annual industry survey found that sales of all organic products grew 9.5 percent in 2011. Organic food and beverage sales totaled more than 29.2 billion dollars in 2011 and continue to grow. There are “organic” farms in all 50 states and consumers continue to demand safe, natural foods. Organic refers to the way agricultural products … Read More

Make Legal Resolutions for 2013

The new year brings new challenges and the opportunity to make new resolutions. As a farmer or rancher you are faced with many legal issues that affect your ability to make a living and carry on with your lifestyle. Here are just a few challenges that you are faced with: 1. Taxes. It is unknown at the time I write … Read More