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Encroachments on Easements

Eastern Idaho’s climate is arid, with cold winters and hot dry summers. Most snowfall occurs in the surrounding mountains, and then melts in the spring

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Ag-Gag Law

On February 28, 2014 a new law protecting Idaho farmers and ranchers was signed into law. Idaho Code § 18-7402 now makes it illegal to

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Brand Inspection is Vital

Some cows have them. Some cows don’t. Regardless of whether or not your cows are branded, the law requires brand inspections when cattle are transfered,

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Bee Aware of the Law

There are an estimated 115,000 – 125,000 beekeepers in the United States. Most of those beekeepers are hobbyists with less than 25 hives. Commercial beekeepers

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Many Idaho farms and ranches are surrouded by public lands, or by private land. Many times the only way to access a farm or ranch

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