Why Beard St. Clair

Beard St. Clair is committed to equipping each associate with the knowledge, skills, and characteristics essential for success. We understand that your success is our success. We believe that success requires a broad understanding of the law. This is why we provide new associates with the opportunity to work closely with different lawyers within different areas of the law. We also recognize the complexity of the law and our clients' need for specialized legal services. Because no one attorney can be an expert in all areas of the law, our attorneys are required to choose areas of specialization. This enables us to provide clients with complex matters more specialized services.
Beard St. Clair is one of Eastern Idaho's premier business law firms serving clients from 4 different offices. We represent small and large companies throughout the following industries: health care, real estate & development, agribusiness, and emerging businesses. The depth and breadth of our practice provides new associates sophisticated work that is both intellectually and professionally challenging.
We offer flexible work schedules, non-traditional firm management and structure, and compensation that is unique to the area. We understand that you're full of drive and ambition and we don't want to hold you back. That's why we offer a fast track to partnership, typically 5 years, and in the meantime a modified formula for associates. Associates can also participate in real estate ownership and once you make partner its an easy-in/easy-out firm ownership.
Throughout our history we have been committed to excellence in the practice of law. Our aim is to develop long-term client relations through close communication and the delivery of desired results. We believe this is accomplished by having a firm culture that is supportive of new ideas, promotes teamwork, and values diversity.
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